Band Fall Wig Collection

Are you looking to volume up your thinning hair while pairing it with a beautiful scarf or hat?  Our Band Fall wig will keep you looking fresh and beautiful while giving you that ease of comfort and convenience when putting it on or taking it off. Like all Chavie Wigs, the band fall is made from 100% European Human Hair to give that natural and realistic sheen; you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a wig. Whether it’s hair loss from alopecia or chemotherapy, you can get back that oozing confidence, flaunt those thick wavy locks, and own that natural beauty within you. Look sophisticated and gorgeous with the Chavie Band Fall Wig collection.

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Band Fall Collection

Human hair wigs have certainly come a long way since their inception. While it's generally safe to say that a wig is a hair accessory, it’s more than a fashion statement or accessory for some people suffering from hair loss. A human hair wig is an extension of their body like we would treat regular hair. 

It’s only natural to want to put on a hair accessory like a headband, head scarves, or even a hat on a hair wig to enhance a look or keep it looking stylish. Wearing hair accessories is an easy and comfortable way to keep your natural hair looking fresh and protected from the elements, especially during summer or winter. 

With human hair wigs looking more natural and realistic than ever, it’s only essential to include hair accessories into the fold when designing human hair wigs. This necessity to bring hats and headbands into the design process is why we have the Chavie Band Fall Collection to cater to our lovely patrons who want a different, seamless casual look. 

Our Chavie Band Fall Collection is what you would wear if you want to stick out in a crowd while wearing a beautiful hat that matches the fantastic weather. The feel and movement of the hair strands in this wig type are like your natural hair, free-flowing and moving with vitality. This is one great reason our band fall wigs are popular among our clients.

The Chavie Band Fall Collection is a fashion statement for modern wig wearers and a personal choice that adds variety and brings color to its wearer. Whatever your reason for wearing our premium quality hair wigs, whether it’s alopecia, cancer, hair loss, or vanity, it’ll have you feeling like your best self. 

This coveted collection is also 100% made from hand-chosen European Human Hair that you can wash or style as you please. While it’s easy to label a human hair wig as Remy or Virgin, we can assure you that our wigs are the real deal, and there’s no reason to hesitate and ask us for a consultation. We will gladly accommodate any questions you might have. 

Why Choose Chavie Band Fall Collection?

While we have a lot of human hair wigs to choose from in our varied collections, the Chavie Band Fall Collection is an excellent choice if you want something entirely different from the usual and want to flaunt your colorful scarves or headbands. If you’re looking for more convincing, here are some of its unique features:

  • The Chavie Band Fall Collection is made from 100% European Human Hair. 
  • It is washable, just like natural hair. 
  • We can have it customized and personalized for your needs, like color and hairstyle.
  • It comes in 20”, 21”, and 22” wig cap sizes.
  • We can customize the wig cap to your specifications.
  • It is voluminous and thick and gives that natural hair movement and feel. 
  • Flexible and versatile, like natural hair
  • You can wear the Chavie Fall Band with any headband, head scarf, or hat. 
  • The wefts in the Fall Band keep the wig secure on your head. 
  • It is comfortable and breathable for your scalp, even during hot days. 
  • The Chavie Fall Band Wig blends seamlessly with your hairline for that natural look. 

While we have more to say about the Chavie Fall Band Wig Collection, we can’t risk losing space for other impertinent details. If you want to have a feel for the wig itself or just want to look around at our vast catalog of Virgin and Remy Human Hair Wigs, you can always book an appointment with us free of charge. You can also walk inside our physical store and chat with our hair styling professionals and experts to give you the best recommendations and suggestions. 

We want to ensure your personality stands out when you wear any of our Chavie Human Hair Wigs. We want you to feel great and confident, so any time you walk outside or have a great time at a social event with friends and family, you’ll have them turn their heads and look in awe. 

Chavie Fall Band Human Hair Wig Collection for Alopecia

It can be challenging to hide hair loss or alopecia with just a hair turban or scarf around your scalp, and it might be counterintuitive since it just screams that you are hiding your hair. So, why not choose the best option you can have for your head and just flaunt your natural beauty? With the Chavie Fall Band Human Hair Wig, they won’t suspect anything, and you’ll look like the best version of yourself. You’ll also get to wear your favorite summer hat or that comfortable beanie during the winter. There’s no better way to express your confidence and personality than with our Chavie Fall Band Collection. 

Chavie Fall Band Human Hair Wig Collection for Cancer 

Chemotherapy can make your scalp extra sensitive, itchy, or even painful. It’s also not advisable to have your scalp exposed to the elements with a thin cloth like a head scarf or turban. With the Chavie Fall Band Collection, you can add another protective layer other than your human hair wigs, such as a hat or headband. The realistic look of this wig line and its thick volume can make it feel like you’ve never lost your natural hair. 

Chavie Fall Band Human Hair Wig Collection for Vanity

Even if you’re not experiencing any hair-loss conditions, you can wear our Chavie Fall Band Collection just for purely fashionable reasons, and we’re all for it. The fact that you can style it like your natural hair just adds to the appeal, and we can even customize the color and style or add dimensions to it. Add that colorful scarf, headband, or any hair accessory, and you’ll look even more glamorous than usual.