Silk Top Wig Collection

There is only one end goal for every woman that wears a wig: their human hair wig to look and feel as realistic as their natural hair. You can achieve that and more with our Chavie Silk Top Lace Wig. The knots of hair strands of our silk top lace wig are securely hidden beneath the silk base to reach that natural-looking scalp that matches your natural skin. Get that sturdy feeling without sacrificing comfort and breathability for your scalp. Guaranteed made from 100% European Human Hair, our Silk top lace wig is perfect for blondes and brunettes looking to protect their natural hair or cover up hair loss to get those desired gorgeous and voluminous locks. 

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Silk Top Human Hair Wig Collection

Human hair wigs are all the rage today due to the exposure it has been receiving in the entertainment industry. However, wigs have always been a fashion statement since their inception, and it looks like they won’t change any time soon. Human hair wigs have seen a lot of improvement and advancements, and all of them point toward making it look more natural and realistic. 

We’re all for it, of course. Chavie Russell Wigs is about bringing that natural beauty out, whether you’re wearing a human hair wig for protection, alopecia, hair loss, or chemotherapy. However, comfort is also a top priority for us, pun intended. We don’t want your scalp feeling all itchy and dry at the end of the day. We also don’t want people randomly asking if you’re wearing a wig. That may sound rude, but it’s also a wake-up call that maybe you’re not wearing the suitable wig base. 

More than the hair fibers themselves looking natural or realistic in a human hair wig, the wig base should also give off that vibe. When you’re wearing a Chavie human hair wig, we ensure that the wig base looks indistinguishable from your natural scalp. With superior knotting that secures the hair strands in place, the wig base will give the impression that hair is naturally growing out from the scalp. 

Just like there are different hair wig strands, there are also multiple wig bases. Each of these wig bases has different pros and cons; however, there are two standard wig bases for human hair in the market. These wig bases are the top choices due to their durability, breathability, and comfort. These are silk tops and lace front human hair wigs.  

Both of these are available at Chavie Russell Wigs, but it’s all a matter of knowing what you want and recognizing the value of each of the wig bases. You might still be compelled to ask whether you should choose a silk top human hair wig or a lace top hair wig. 

Why Choose Chavie Silk Top Human Hair Wigs? 

We can safely assume that you’ve done your research on the different human hair wig types and have an inkling of the pros and cons of the different wig bases. However, if you have no idea, let us explain why a silk top wig base can be the best option for your human hair wig. 

  • Chavie Silk Top Lace Human Hair Wigs have a light but durable silk material.
  • The Virgin/Remy human hair is expertly hand-tied into knots on the silk layer material.
  • The silk layer material discreetly conceals the human hair knots
  • No need to worry about covering the knots by bleaching or other techniques, as the knots are 100% invisible
  • The silk layer mesh provides an illusion of a “flesh tone,” making the “scalp” look realistic 
  • This also gives the illusion that hair is growing out of your scalp
  • This allows for natural partings of your human hair wig in any direction allowing for styling versatility and adding to the natural look
  • A Chavie Silk Top Lace Human Hair Wig is softer, thinner, invisible, and skin-friendly. 
  • A Chavie Silk Top Lace Wig is strong, durable, and secure on your head
  • The professional cap design is suitable for the majority of wearers
  • A Chavie Silk Top Lace Wig can be personalized or customized according to your needs

While we can go on and on regarding its unique features, there is no doubt that Chavie Russell Silk Top Lace Wigs have high quality without sacrificing comfort and beauty. We believe in providing the best hair wig products to make your identity and self-confidence shine effortlessly.  

Our Silk Top Lace Wig Collection only uses 100% European Human Hair that is carefully selected and sorted according to hair type, texture, and length. Choose your hairstyle, such as thick, thin, delicate, straight, or curly, and discover the various styles that fit your personality. We can also customize the length and color according to your needs, which is what Chavie Russell Wigs is all about: we value individuality more than trends. 

If our Chavie Silk Top Wig Collection has tickled your fancy, but you remain hesitant, then there is only one way to be sure. You can book a consultation with us and visit our physical store so you can personally see and feel the products we have in store for you. 

There’s no better way to know if a human hair wig is of the best quality than having it touch your scalp and having a feel for it. The Chavie Silk Top Lace Wig Collection is the best gift you could give yourself, whether for styling purposes, alopecia, hair loss, or chemotherapy. 

Chavie Human Hair Silk Top Wig for Alopecia

It’s hard to flaunt your personality when you’re suffering from alopecia because of the discomfort it brings physically and emotionally. Our Chavie Human Hair Silk Top Wig rids you of any kind of discomfort, as wearing it allows your scalp room to breathe while making you look gorgeous. It’s perfect for wearing on a casual day, so you’ll feel like you’ve never lost your natural hair. If you want to take it up a notch, you can straighten or curl it to give it a different style. Whatever your occasion, the Chavie Silk Top Wig Collection is versatile, durable, stylish, and realistic-looking; you’ll want another set. 

Chavie Human Hair Silk Top Wig for Chemotherapy

Any sickness, especially cancer, shouldn’t be a hindrance when you want to show off your natural beauty. You can still look like your old self and stay fabulous, even with the side effects of chemotherapy being hair loss. You can achieve this with the Chavie Silk Top Wig Collection, the best way to boost your self-esteem and exude positive vibes for healing. Since your scalp can be sensitive during chemotherapy sessions, the silk layer can be a suitable buffer without itchiness and discomfort. Get your Chavie Silk Top Human Hair Wig in any style you want, or customize it according to your personality. 

Chavie Human Hair Silk Top Wig for Vanity

If you want a comfortable protective wig base for formal outings or parties, then the Chavie Silk Top Wig Collection is a perfect choice. The wig base looks realistic and natural, creating a hair-growing-from-your-scalp look. Once you wear it on your head, you don’t want to remove it anymore. It comes in various styles, textures, and lengths, and you can style it any way you want. The Chavie Silk Top Wig Collection marries functionality and vanity in the best way possible.