What Kind of Wig is Best for Beginners?

Nothing comes easy when it comes to hair. It’s a part of our identity that is just hard to get wrong and imagine the anxiety it brings when you have a bad hair day or haircut. What more if you’re experiencing hair loss? 

Hair loss is a sensitive issue for most people, especially women. While this is associated mainly with established gender norms, it’s no surprise that hair loss can cause psychological distress and impaired social functioning. One of the best and relatively cheapest options to bring back confidence is to purchase and wear a wig. But hair loss isn’t the only reason you want to buy a wig. If you wish to spice up your hairstyle once in a while or glam up for a party, then a hair wig gets the job done. 

For wig beginners, choosing the perfect wig can prove to be unsettling. It’s okay to feel that first-time buyer’s anxiety.  Not many people wear hair wigs, so asking for a friend's or family’s opinion may be difficult. There is, however, a growing community of wig wearers online where you can ask for suggestions, proving that you’re not alone in this ordeal. 

There are various cuts, styles, colors, materials, and caps to choose from, and it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for something natural. Purchasing and choosing your first wig shouldn’t be daunting. 

Instead, it’s something you should look forward to and be excited about! Think about the possibilities and new styles to discover that you couldn’t recreate with your natural hair. Fortunately, we’re here to help and guide you through the process. Read on and learn about the things to look out for when choosing the suitable wig for you.


What is Your Hair Type? 

Showing off those curls | Chavie Russell Wigs

Each hair type has subtle nuances and differences; how you care for it also matters greatly. When choosing your wig, you might ask about the significance of knowing your natural hair type. Remember that what you’re going for with your hair wig is something real and natural looking, no matter the style. So knowing your hair type is the natural first step you should take. 

There are four general hair types: Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily. Each hair type has different hair strand sizes categorized as thin, medium, and thick/coarse hair. So imagine all the combinations you get from these categorizations, and you’d realize there’s no universally correct way to classify all the hair types worldwide. But when choosing your hair wig, you can always pick one as close as possible to your natural hair type. This is the easiest way and safest option for beginners. 

Would you limit yourself, though, to just your natural hair type? Go ahead and choose a different one if it suits you. It ultimately boils down to what signature hairpiece you’re confident in. Once you get rid of those first-time jitters, you’d realize how many options and possibilities you have in your hands. Not to mention the styling possibilities you never imagined you could pull off. 

Does Hair Wig Length Matter?

Natural long locks | Chavie Russell Wigs

The length of your hair wig is something you should consider when choosing it for the first time. How do you know what the perfect length is for your wig? Well, that mostly depends again on your natural hair. If you are used to having short hair, then go for wigs with short-length designs such as bobs, pixies, or tapers. 

The weather where you’re living is also a reasonable consideration, so a short hairstyle would be the go-to option if you live in a tropical area and want to avoid that damp feeling of your hair touching the back of your neck. For colder climates, a hair wig with long locks is your best bet to protect your head from the cold while being stylish.

Does length matter? That all depends on your preference. If you purchase a long human hair wig, it’s much easier to style and cut to your preferred length. You can cut the hair wig yourself, but for beginners, it’s preferable to have an expert stylist cut your hair wig. 

What Hair Wig Suits Your Face Shape?

Besides your natural hair type, one more important consideration is your face shape. You may already have a wig preference in your head, but will it complement your face shape? Similarly, when you have natural hair, your stylist will almost always refer to your face structure to determine what hairstyle would fit you. 

On a technical note, stylists would look at your hairline, forehead structure, jawline, and the estimated length-to-width ratio of your general face. Simply put, there are four general face structures that each complement a particular type of hairstyle. Let’s look at each of them:


Oval Face Shape 

Woman with an Oval Face Shape | Chavie Russell Wigs

An oval face shape generally has a forehead wider than the chin, a rounded jawline, and a face length one and a half times the face width. Human hair wigs complement this facial structure: an A-line bob, a long wavy hairstyle, and a shoulder-length flip

What’s impressive about an oval face structure is that any hairstyle flatters it. There are no hairstyles to avoid if your face is evenly proportioned, and they look easy on the eyes. Wigs that feature heavy bangs or a forward direction give off that weighty look and must be avoided. 

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape | Chavie Russell Wigs

A round face has chubby cheeks and a rounded and complete jawline; the face length and width are equal. Hairstyles that flatter this face structure are the following: lob with a side part, side wave pony, and a long-layered hairstyle. Round faces, however, should avoid bobs with blunt bangs, flat-looking pixies, and medium voluminous curves. These hairstyles are unflattering and make the round face larger than usual. 

Wig styles that add fullness and height at the crown of your head are your best options as well as those with off-center parts. 

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape | Chavie Russell Wigs

A square face shape has powerful features such as a forehead that approximately equals the jaw, a strong jawline, and square chin, and the face length and width are equal. These powerful features should complement equally long and powerful locks, such as a long-layered hairstyle with side bangs, long waves, or an A-line chin-length bob. It’s best to avoid hairstyles emphasizing the strong jawline, such as pixie with blunt bangs, sleek ponytails, and a jaw-length blunt bob.

Wigs that are short to medium in length and those that give off that roundness and wavy look around the face make you extra beautiful. Also, consider off-center parts, wispy bangs, and layers that would soften your square face.    

Long Face Shape

Long Face Shape | Chavie Russell Wigs

A long face has a narrow thin look with long angles and a face length that is more prevalent than face width. Flattering hairstyles complement this face shape: long voluminous curls with arched bangs, medium bouncy curls with blunt bangs, and a medium flip-out hairstyle. For long faces, volume is the key to getting that well-balanced beautiful look. 

Sleek hairstyles are something to avoid since it makes the face seem longer and thinner than usual. Women with long faces should avoid hairstyles such as long straight hair with side bangs, voluminous top knot buns, and a half-up bouffant hairstyle. 

Heart-Shaped Face

Those with a heart-shaped face have a broad forehead and cheekbones, a narrow jaw and pointy chin, and a face length that is more prevalent than the face width. Hairstyles that go with this face shape are curly hairstyles with side bangs, medium hairstyles with flicks, and a curly side pony. Unflattering hairstyles to avoid are voluminous pixies, a low pony with blunt bangs, and extra short voluminous bobs.

Avoid top-heavy wigs, disrupting the balance between your pronounced cheekbones and narrow chin. You want to avoid all the attention going to the upper part of your face.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces are unique since they complement any hairstyle, even wigs. They have a narrowed hairline, cheekbones being the widest part of the face, a face slightly longer than is broad, and a pointy chin. You can try just about any hair wig you wish for diamond-shaped looks. Just avoid very voluminous wigs that hide your dramatic facial features. 

What’s the Right Hair Color for My Wig?

Silver Gray Hair Color | Chavie Russell Wigs

Choosing the right hair color for your wig can be very tricky. But to make it easier, you should look at your skin color or tone. Another tip is to choose a shade close to your natural hair color. You can always experiment with other hair colors later on when you feel more confident. 

You should spend ample time choosing the right hair color for your wig that matches your skin tone; more often than not, it will not be your favorite color. If you’re still unsure, you can always consult your hair stylist so she can provide you with options. 

Will Lifestyle Affect Your Wig Choice?

Woman walking in the city | Chavie Russell Wigs

The easy answer is yes. So do you have an active lifestyle or prefer to stay in one place for the rest of the day? These are essential questions to ask since this would determine what type of hair wig would be best for a particular situation.

So if you tend to stay in one place or work at a desk the whole day, you can purchase synthetic hair wigs since you don’t generally demand that much from your wig, and your movements are more or less limited. If you have an active lifestyle, on the other hand, and are always on the go, human hair wigs are your best option since they’re pretty durable.

Ultimately, you should stick with something that best suits your needs, and you’re not limited to only one type of hair wig. You can even have five different hair wigs that fit a particular occasion! 

Final Thoughts

While there may be many things to consider when choosing your first hair wig, mixing and matching styles, cuts, and colors is fun. Think of it like shopping for new clothes; only you will be wearing them longer.

We want to hear your thoughts about this guide. Did this finally convince you to get the hair of your dreams? If you’re still hesitating and have doubts, why don’t you try booking a FREE consultation with us at Chavie Russell Wigs? Our styling experts can give you all the information you need on your first purchase, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.