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Custom Human Hair Wigs with the style and color you choose. Don't search for a wig that does the job -- build one you love!

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Defying the Odds, Embracing Your Style: Wigs for Hair Loss, Alopecia, Cancer

Chavie Russell Wigs, your one stop shop for all your wig needs.
We pride ourselves on the customization of color and hairlines on our gorgeous wigs!

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The Red Label by Chavie is our premier custom wig, renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each wig is meticulously made from hand-selected, virgin hair bundles, available in a variety of lengths and colors. Additionally, the collection offers lifetime services, ensuring sustained satisfaction and support.



Wore my wig at chemo today and felt amazing!! Thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️ it’s hard to miss my real hair when this looks so much better!

Gina Lehman

I wanted to share that I got my wig in early March. I’ve worn it almost every single day since then and am still so happy with it! Now I’m going through chemo and get so many compliments on my hair that I feel obligated to tell everyone that it’s a wig! It’s shock and awe every time!

Chrisjana Holmes

Best hairstylist ever and ever better customer service !! Love you Chavie and thank you for making me look so pretty !!

Faye Hollander

You bring me to myself and pure joy!!!!

Colleen Gregg

So truthfully when I put on any of my Chavi wigs I feel the most beautiful, sexy, the most like myself not just myself but my BEST self it feels the most me that I see on the inside but outside too!

Chana Seff
Through many years of beauty trials, errors and trends, most of us know what we like and what we like to hide. Sure, you cringe at those photographs with the tight ponies and side bangs. The‘80s triangle-shaped hair? There are entire photo albums that have been burned because of that craze.
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Do you know the proper way to put on a wig? Whether you have long hair or short hair, we'll show you some tips & tricks to keep your wig securely in place. If you are new to wigs, this breezy tutorial will be a big help! Do you have a wig cap? How can you best wear a wig if you have long hair?
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