Chavie FAQs

Chavie FAQs

Learn about wigs with the most frequently asked questions.

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In this short video Chavie explains in detail how to cut the lace off of your new lace front wig.

In this video Chavie shows you how to put on your wig with a detailed demonstration.

When it comes to washing your wig, it's really important to be very gentle and use good quality shampoos and conditioner. In this video Chavie explains and shows you exactly how to wash and dry your Chavie wig so that it lasts as long as possible and stays in beautiful condition. Make sure to let your wig air-dry completely before styling.

Of course! Our headquarters is located in Chicago, IL. We do offer on-site consultations and salon visits, however, we pride ourselves in virtual high quality wig sales. Buying high quality wigs online poses it's own challenges since hair is so personal and customers may want to "feel" or actually touch the wig on their heads before making a purchase. Especially when it comes to wigs that cost over $1000 USD. While some people may not be able to complete a wig purchase online we have thousands of customers who have completed their wig purchases 100% virtually. We offer face-to-face meetings over zoom or FaceTime and in many cases ship wigs back and forth for final detail or cutting of the lace after being marked on the customers own head. Book a Consultation to begin your custom purchase today.

At Chavie Russell Wigs, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of wigs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our selection includes human hair wigs, known for their natural look and feel, which offer a variety of styles and colors. We also provide lace front wigs, which create a seamless hairline, and full lace wigs, which offer the most versatility in styling. Additionally, we specialize in custom-made wigs, allowing you to choose specific details such as length, color, texture, and cap construction to perfectly match your desired look.
Choosing the right wig can be overwhelming, but our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. During a personalized consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, daily activities, and personal preferences to help you find a wig that complements your natural beauty. We'll consider factors such as your face shape, skin tone, and hair type to ensure the wig enhances your appearance. Whether you need a wig for everyday wear, a special occasion, or medical reasons, we will guide you through the selection process to find the perfect match.
Yes, our human hair wigs offer the same versatility as your natural hair. You can curl, straighten, blow-dry, and even dye them to achieve your desired look. This makes them an excellent choice for those who enjoy changing their hairstyle frequently.
Proper care is essential to maintain the quality and longevity of your wig. We provide detailed care instructions with each purchase. Generally, you should wash your wig every 8-12 wears using gentle, wig-specific shampoos and conditioners. When washing, be sure to detangle the wig gently before immersing it in lukewarm water. After washing, pat the wig dry with a towel and allow it to air dry on a wig stand to retain its shape. Additionally, store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when not in use to prevent tangling and maintain its style.
The lifespan of a wig depends on its material and how well it is cared for. Human hair wigs, with proper maintenance, can last up to a year or more, making them a valuable investment. They require regular washing, conditioning, and occasional professional care to keep them looking their best.
Yes, we offer comprehensive custom wig services to create a wig that perfectly suits your unique needs. During the consultation, you can choose from a variety of options including length, color, texture, and cap construction. We will take precise measurements of your head to ensure a perfect fit. Our skilled wig makers use high-quality materials and craftsmanship to create a wig that looks and feels natural. Whether you have specific requirements due to medical conditions or simply want a wig that matches your personal style, our custom services are designed to meet your expectations.
Yes, we provide professional wig fitting and adjustment services to ensure your wig fits comfortably and looks natural. Our skilled staff will help you achieve the perfect fit by adjusting the wig cap, trimming the lace, and customizing the hairline. If you need additional adjustments after wearing your wig for a while, we offer follow-up services to fine-tune the fit. These services help prevent discomfort and ensure that your wig stays securely in place throughout the day. Please contact us to schedule a fitting appointment at your convenience.
Absolutely. We understand the unique needs of clients with sensitive scalps or hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia, chemotherapy, or other health issues. Our wigs are made with breathable, hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on the scalp. We offer a variety of cap constructions designed for comfort, including monofilament tops and soft lace fronts that reduce irritation. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific needs and recommend wigs that provide comfort, security, and a natural appearance. Our goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable in your new wig.