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Custom Human Hair Wigs in Knoxville, Tennessee

Beauty is a passion that Chavie Russell Wigs always embraces with enthusiasm. Our dedication to crafting Knoxville custom wigs involves a deep investment of creativity, ensuring we provide you with the outstanding service you are entitled to.


    Chavie Wigs Knoxville is the perfect place to explore and elevate your beauty in an inspiring setting. We offer an unmatched selection of wigs, hairpieces, extensions, and more in various styles and colors to help you find the perfect look for any occasion. 

    Our experienced stylists are dedicated to helping you find the right style that fits your needs. They have years of experience creating sophisticated hairstyles that are sure to turn heads. Whether looking for a natural-looking everyday style or an eye-catching, unique look for a special occasion, Chavie Wigs Knoxville has something to offer everyone. 

    While human hair wigs are a fashion accessory, their use has gone beyond just fashion and is more relevant as a solution or fix to hair loss disorders, whether natural or medically related. Whether you have alopecia or chemotherapy-related hair loss, Chavie Wigs is your best option to get that natural look that other wig salons have difficulty achieving.

    We make our Chavie Wigs Human Hair Collection from 100% European human hair that is handpicked, chemical-free, and indeed of superior quality, which is why styling it looks and feels natural; you’d be surprised once you start wearing it.

    Once you browse through our catalog, you’ll find Silk Lace Tops, Lace Fronts, Band Falls, Pony wigs, and Virgin human hair wigs with different hairstyles and colors; you’d want to try them all on. However, our cream of the crop is our custom-fit and custom-made Remy human hair wigs that we tailor for your face shape, head shape, and fashion style. Our human hair wig products get personal on an agreeable level, one where you’d be inclined to get it above your head, literally.

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    You Deserve It

    Chavie Russell, the proprietor and specialist in hair wig styling, eschews fleeting fashion trends for a compelling reason: true beauty is eternal. She believes in guiding her clients toward choosing the perfect hair wig that best complements their unique style, rather than what's momentarily in vogue.

    Knoxville, renowned for its vibrant arts scene, historical landmarks, and proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains, offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions. Chavie Russell Wigs provides top-quality wigs and unmatched customer care for those in search of hair solutions. Contact us for professional guidance, customized service, and exquisite wig designs that will highlight your natural beauty.

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    Discover a Whole New World with Chavie Wigs Knoxville

    Are you excited to unlock endless possibilities with Chavie Wigs Knoxville? Whether you’re looking to refresh your style, explore a new look, or add a touch of flair to your daily ensemble, Chavie Wigs has got your back.

    Chavie Wigs is not just a place to find wigs; it’s a nurturing and inclusive environment dedicated to unleashing new avenues of self-expression and creativity. Whether you are well-versed in the world of wigs or are just starting out, our approachable and knowledgeable team is on hand to help you select the ideal wig that matches your personal taste and comfort. Plus, with our comprehensive wig care and styling services, you can ensure your wig stays in pristine condition year-round.

    So, why wait? Head over to Chavie Wigs Knoxville today and start a journey into a new realm of beauty and self-discovery. You’ll be mesmerized by the endless possibilities and the incredible selection of Virgin and Remy hair wigs crafted from 100% European Human Hair. Shop with confidence and ease, benefitting from reasonable prices and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Don’t hold back — begin the adventure of finding your new look today!

    Experience Confidence

    Our goal is to make sure that every client leaves feeling confident with their new look. Come experience excellent customer care and lasting quality products from Chavie Russell Wigs. Book a free consultation to get started today!



    At Chavie Russell Wigs Knoxville, you'll discover an extensive selection of wigs, including Virgin and Remy hair wigs crafted from 100% European Human Hair. We offer a variety of styles, lengths, and colors to suit every preference and need. Nonetheless, we have thousands of customers who have successfully purchased their wigs entirely online. We offer face-to-face meetings through Zoom or FaceTime, and in many cases, we can ship wigs back and forth for final details or cutting of the lace after being marked on the customer's own head. To begin your custom purchase, book a consultation today.
    Yes, we specialize in custom wig fitting and offer professional styling services to ensure your wig perfectly suits your individual style and preferences. Our expert team is dedicated to providing a personalized experience for each client.
    Absolutely! We offer free consultations to anyone looking to explore their options. Our friendly staff will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect wig that feels right for you.
    We provide comprehensive care instructions with every purchase and offer regular wig care and maintenance services in-store. Tips include gentle washing, proper storage, and avoiding excessive heat to ensure your wig remains beautiful and lasts longer.
    Yes, we offer a flexible return and exchange policy for our online customers. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.
    You can book an appointment by calling our Knoxville location directly or by scheduling online through our website. We recommend booking in advance to ensure you receive the time and attention you deserve.