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    Dayton has always skirted the skies and allowed its constituents to look up and be visionaries. The Wright Brothers' first flight created such an impact that we can still feel it today. Now we can only look to the stars and continue moving higher and higher. At Chavie Russell Wigs, we envision our luxurious human hair wigs pushing the boundaries of authentic beauty and keeping our brand climbing to newer heights. We want to include all women from all over the globe and from all walks of life to join us in our vision. 

    Chavie Russell Wigs provides the avenue to exercise your creativity. Your hair is your personality; no other brand recognizes that more than we do. We want our custom hair wigs to lift your character to the next level. Chavie Russell’s expert guidance and brand trustworthiness are our tickets to keeping your confidence afloat daily.

    Dayton, Ohio

    Soar to New Standards with Chavie Russell Wigs

    High quality, top-notch, luxurious, and stylish is our mantra. Our human hair wigs are a testament to these words, and we will never settle for less. Make that commitment with us when you book our no-obligation, free consultation with none other than Chavie Russell.