Human Hair Wigs, Lace Front Wigs for Alopecia

Las Vegas Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

We want you to be the life of the party! Hair loss shouldn't be a hindrance when living the life you want. Revel in confidence and make magic happen with our Premium Chavie Russell Wigs Collection.


    Las Vegas is arguably the most colorful city in the world. The lights, fashion, and style all contrast nicely with the night sky, giving that ethereal feeling.  At Chavie Russell Wigs, we live and breathe fashion, style, and all things magical. Vegas is a magical world in itself, and we want to embody that with our luxury brand wigs. 

    Hair loss is a difficult ordeal. The mental and emotional impact can be debilitating for women who experience it. Whatever the causes may be, be it stress, alopecia or cancer we understand what you're going through. Chavie Russell Wigs is here to help in all the ways possible to get you back up and glamming.  

    We want the incredible women of Nevada, whether with hair loss issues or none, to have fun, explore their options and be open to creating their dream hairpiece. Chavie Russell Wigs Collection epitomizes their personalities and enhances their beauty tenfold. This is our promise and devotion to all our clients, whether in Las Vegas, Chicago, or anywhere else in the world. If you dream it, we make it. 

    Las Vegas

    Chavie Russell Wigs Amplify Your Beauty

    At Chavie Russell Wigs, we know that everyone has innate beauty. We want to make sure we recognize that and bring out that beauty in you and amplify it. This is why our human hair wigs are crafted with care and commitment you won't find anywhere else.