Lace Wig Collection

Lace top wigs are increasingly becoming a top choice. The reason so many wig wearers are choosing lace tops is because of how comfortable they are and even more so because of how natural and real, these wigs look. All CHAVIE wigs are natural European processed human hair and with this lace top collection people, won't even know it's a wig. There are many reasons for wearing a wig in addition to simply style and fashion. Some of our customers wear wigs due to hair loss often caused by alopecia or chemotherapy as well as other medical hair loss conditions. For these wig wearers, it can be a new experience and often uncomfortable for them to be seen in a wig.  This is where lace tops come in! Some of our customers say they have a hard time missing their own hair because they love their wigs so much. You can just wake up and put on a beautiful curly, wavy, or really any hairstyle, just like that!

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Lace Top Wig Collection

Human hair wigs are becoming increasingly prominent in their use and popularity due to influencers, celebrities, and cosplayers posting their fantastic wigs on social media and other video platforms. Many women follow suit and use them as vanity and protective coverings to protect their natural hair. 

However, this doesn’t diminish the use of human hair wigs for other functional and significant benefits, such as hair loss, alopecia, and chemotherapy-related hair loss. In fact, human hair wigs’ surging popularity due to social media has worked wonders in making other women aware of the best option to hide their hair loss. 

With the leaps and bounds in technology, high-quality hair wigs are becoming indistinguishable from natural human hair, which adds to their increasing popularity. Natural human hair is becoming a commodity more than ever; with increasing demands and a lucrative business model, it’s a win-win for business owners and clients. 

However, more than the business perspective, at Chavie Russell Wigs, we consider our clients’ views and needs more significantly.  We want to ensure that you can express your personality and style in true comfort without sacrificing convenience. We want wig beginners and veterans alike to have the best customer and product experience and avoid buyer anxiety. 

Our Chavie Lace Top Wig Collection is designed with you in mind. We’re all for expressing your style and identity through our Chavie Human Hair Wig, customized and personalized for your needs. 

Our most popular option includes Chavie Virgin and Chavie Remy Human Hair Wigs with a lace mesh for extra comfort and breathability while maintaining a realistic look. It’s best to note that all Chavie wigs, regardless of the wig base, are made from 100% European human hair, the best human hair type one can ask for.

Are Chavie Lace Top Human Hair Wigs the Best Choice?

We assure you that our brand of human hair wigs is the best choice you can make, whether you’re a wig first-timer or have had your share of wearing wigs in the past for whatever purpose. While it’s not easy to take our word without trying on our coveted Lace Top Hair Wig Collection, let us fill you in on some of the features that our patrons love about this wig line:

  • Our Chavie Lace Top Human Hair Wigs are made from 100% European Human Hair
  • Suitable for re-coloring and heat styling
  • Allows for the most natural hairline among other wig types
  • Lightweight and breathable, which means no claustrophobic feelings and no sticky sweat
  • Durable and lasts longer with proper care
  • Soft and gentle on the skin and suitable for chemotherapy patients who have sensitive scalps
  • You can part your hairline in any direction allowing for style versatility and utility.
  • It can be custom fit for your head for a more secure placement
  • It has a natural fit and movement with no clumping of hair strands
  • The human hair strands are painstakingly hand-knitted to ensure only the best quality

These features are only scratching the surface and have to be felt and seen to be believed. This is why we recommend booking a consultation with us at Chavie Russell Wigs and visiting our physical store to feel for our Chavie Lace Top Wig Collection and see what style fits your extraordinary personality. 

We have a wide selection of colors that will fit your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty, such as Auburn, Platinum, Blonde, Jet Black, and many more, according to your preferred color. Hairstyle is also our specialty, and you can choose from ranges such as Straight, Wavy, Curly, or a custom-fit hairstyle that matches your natural hairstyle. 

Hair texture and length are also varied enough and depend on how you want your Chavie Lace Top Wig customized. There are many combinations to choose from, and experimenting with multiple hairstyles is an enjoyable experience. However, if you can’t decide which hairstyle or color you want, we have hair experts, you can ask for recommendations from, and they can achieve what you truly want from your Chavie Human Hair Wig. 

Chavie Lace Top Human Hair Wig for Alopecia

Hair thinning and hair loss can be a very emotional experience for most women, as we associate our hair with our identity and character. Suffice it to say losing one’s hair is like losing one’s identity, which can be a horrifying experience for some. With our Chavie Lace Top Wig Collection, there’s no need to hide anymore, and your personality will naturally shine through when you wear one of our wigs. You won’t even feel like you lost your natural human hair and will feel just as confident and blooming like a total makeover. 

Chavie Lace Top Human Hair Wig for Chemotherapy

At Chavie Russell Wigs, we’ve been helping chemotherapy patients regain back their confidence and have a new lease on life. We understand the difficulty it entails for the individual and the family. This desire to help chemotherapy patients is why we ensure that our Chavie Lace Top Wig Collection is only made from premium human hair and the wig base is from the softest and highest quality material we can get. We assure our patrons only the most luxurious products with high functionality you’ll never regret purchasing. 

Chavie Lace Top Human Hair Wig for Vanity

Staying glamorous and protecting your hair are the main goals when designing our Chavie Lace Top Wig Collection for vanity purposes. We’re good at keeping secrets, which is why your friends will never suspect you’re wearing a human hair wig. They can only stare and ask why you look glowing and different from before. But since we also believe in sharing your blessings, let them know that you’re wearing a Chavie Russell Human Hair Wig made from 100% European Human Hair and customized and styled by our expert hair and wig stylists. 

Lace Top Wig FAQs

Detangle the wig with a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush.

Wet the wig in cold or lukewarm water and apply a wig-friendly clarifying shampoo from the roots to the ends.

Rinse the wig and apply a conditioner to restore the moisture and smoothness of the hair.

Rinse the wig again and let it air dry on a wig stand or a towel.
A lace top wig is a type of wig that features a frontal with a layer of lace and a layer of silk, with the knots concealed below the silk layer.

This creates knots that are invisible and gives the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your own scalp, making it the most realistic scalp wig on the market.

A lace top wig is not the same as a lace front wig, which is about an inch of lace at the front of the wig that creates a natural hairline.
A silk top lace wig is a type of full lace wig that has a silk fabric attached to the lace underneath the hair.

The silk fabric covers the entire top area of the cap, giving a natural parting space and hiding the knots completely.

A silk top lace wig is more expensive than a regular lace wig, but it offers more comfort, breathability and durability.
Prepare your hair by braiding it or wrapping it flat against your head.

Apply a wig cap over your hair and secure it with pins or glue.

Cut the excess lace around the perimeter of the silk top lace wig, leaving about 1/4 inch of lace.

Apply glue or tape along your hairline and press the silk top lace wig onto it, making sure it aligns with your natural hairline.

Style the hair as desired.
Follow the same steps as applying a silk top lace wig, but use glue instead of tape.

Apply glue along your hairline and wait for it to become tacky before pressing the lace top onto it.

Use a blow dryer on low heat to set the glue and smooth out any bumps or bubbles.
Use concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone to blend in the lace along your hairline and parting space.

Use tweezers to pluck some hairs from the hairline and parting space to create a more natural look.

Use baby hairs or bangs to cover any visible lace edges.