The Lace Wig Collection

      Lace top wigs are increasingly becoming a top choice. The reason so many wig wearers are choosing lace tops is because of how comfortable they are and even more so because of how natural and real, these wigs look. All CHAVIE wigs are natural European processed human hair and with this lace top collection people, won't even know it's a wig. There are many reasons for wearing a wig in addition to simply style and fashion. Some of our customers wear wigs due to hair loss often caused by alopecia or chemotherapy as well as other medical hair loss conditions. For these wig wearers, it can be a new experience and often uncomfortable for them to be seen in a wig.  This is where lace tops come in! Some of our customers say they have a hard time missing their own hair because they love their wigs so much. You can just wake up and put on a beautiful curly or wavy or really any hairstyle, just like that!

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