Ponytail Wig Collection

We know we’ve come a long way with human hair wig making when a few decades ago, it was impossible to put up your hair wig in a ponytail if you didn’t want to risk showing the wig base or the wig cap. Introducing the ponytail wig.

Our ponytail wig is one of our most popular wigs near me. People love having the ability to wear their wig up. If you're one of those people I would strongly suggest considering this pony wig.

Nowadays, Chavie Russell Wigs is all about offering variety and personalization to give you the most natural look possible. So if you want to tie your hair wig up in a pony or bun, you can do so as if you’re tying your natural hair. When tired of the ponytail look, you can put your hair down and flip it like your natural hair.

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Ponytail Wig Collection

Ponytail wigs are all the rage today, with fashion influencers, celebrities, and vloggers getting in on the fashion trend and flaunting their hair wig pieces. However, more than its vanity purposes, at Chavie Russell Wigs, we recognize the value a high-quality human hair wig brings to the lives of people suffering from alopecia and chemotherapy-related hair loss. 

This sentiment is why we created the Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection, to accommodate and provide our hair loss clients the excellent option to tie their hair wig up on a bun and give them more styling choices. Our patrons are looking for customization and versatility in a human hair wig, so we deliver them the most glamorous and functional hair wig we can offer.  

Make your summers the best yet when you wear the Chavie Ponytail Human Hair Wig and keep your hairstyle looking fresh, hot, and cool all at the same time, which makes this wig line our most unique yet. You’ll be able to pair it with various hair accessories such as ponytails, ribbons, head scarves, and hats for more styling options that are only limited by your imagination. Even its wearability is not limited by the seasons, so wearing it during the winter, fall, or spring is also a matter of personal choice. 

So no matter the season, style, or purpose, the Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection is a top choice for our long-time clients because of its natural feel and movement. Like all the human hair wigs at Chavie Russell Wigs, the Ponytail Wig is made from Virgin or Remy Human Hair that is outsourced and carefully handcrafted from 100% European Human Hair. You can never go wrong with the premium quality of our products and our passion for giving back women their confidence and self-esteem. 

Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection is Your Best Choice Yet

While we’ve been going on and on about why our Ponytail Wig Collection is beloved by our clients, we haven’t gone into the nitty-gritty little details that make this wig line your best choice yet. Here are a few of the features you expect from our ponytail wigs:

  • The Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection is made from Virgin/Remy European Human Hair for that overall natural look.
  • It comes in different hair lengths, such as short, midi or long to fit your style
  • Color varieties include ash brown, beige, platinum, blonde, brunette, and many more.
  • The wig cap sizes can be custom-made for that snug and secure fit on your head. 
  • The feel and look of the hair strands are thick and voluminous to make them look real. 
  • It gives off that natural hairline that seamlessly blends with your face. 
  • The wig base at the nape is subtly hidden and blends seamlessly for that realistic look. 
  • You can tie up your hair with a ponytail, ribbon, head scarf, or any other head accessory without worrying about the wig base revealing itself.
  • You can wash and heat-style the Chavie Ponytail Wig, similar to natural hair.
  • Lasts for 1 to 2 years with proper hair wig maintenance routines. 
  • The wig base cap is made from breathable and comfortable lace to avoid that sticky feeling of the scalp from prolonged usage.

The Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection is available for viewing and trying out at our physical stores if you’re interested in getting a feel for our top-of-the-line human hair wigs. With our Chavie Human Hair Wigs, it’s best to see it to believe it, and our beautiful pictures just don’t give it enough justice. 

So if you ever pass by or book an appointment with us at our Chavie wig styling salon, our professional stylists can accommodate your every need and question with the experience and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We excel at making premium human hair wigs, and our customer service is unparalleled. So don’t hesitate to talk to us, and we’ll provide you with the best hair solutions for your alopecia or other hair loss-related disorders. 

Chavie Ponytail Human Hair Wig for Alopecia

If you’re used to tying your natural hair in a pony or bun but aren’t able to now because of hair loss, then the Chavie Ponytail Wig is the perfect solution for your problem. This wig line will fit snuggly and securely on your head and look, feel, and move like natural hair.  You won’t even realize you’re tying it up like your natural hair, and it will make you look like your best self yet. There’s no more worrying if your wig base cap is visible or if your wig might fall off. You can also style it in a hundred other ways and combine it with different hair accessories. There’s no limit to what you can do with the Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection. 

Chavie Ponytail Human Hair Wig Collection for Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy patients will sometimes look for that laidback and relaxed look instead of the usual hair-down human hair wigs that are so common in the market. With our Chavie Ponytail Human Hair Wig Collection, this is now possible and allows you to either put it up in a pony or bun or just put your hair down for that relaxed look. We’re giving you the best of both worlds and more! You can even accessorize it with hair pins, ribbons, scarves, and hats to maintain variety. You’ll never get bored styling your Chavie Ponytail Wig. Chemotherapy sessions will never be the same anymore, and you’ll want to go outside and flaunt your hair wig with the utmost confidence and self-esteem. 

Chavie Ponytail Human Hair Wig Collection for Vanity

Who says vanity human hair wigs can’t be fun and relaxing at the same time? Whether you’re out for a party or just want to scroll around the park wearing a different hairstyle, our Chavie Ponytail Wig Collection can give you that laidback and fun look. Choose from various colors and styles and just let that amazing personality out and about and let the hair wig do the talking.