Virgin Hair Wig Collection

Our Custom Virgin Hair Wig Line is a cut above the other human hair wig styles. It features a natural sheen and style indistinguishable from real human hair. That’s because it’s made from 100% European human hair that has never been tainted or dyed with toxic chemicals. The result? Gorgeous hair that matches your natural color, type, style, and most of all — personality!

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Virgin Human Hair Wig Collection

Recently, we’ve seen a steady rise in human hair wigs as a protective hairstyle for natural hair and to cover up hair loss. Most of this we can attribute to celebrities and influencers using their respective platforms to flaunt their wigs, extensions, and hairpieces because it’s just that versatile and easy to style. Human hair wigs are the premium choice compared to synthetic wigs because of their natural bounce and sheen. 

But just because they’re human hair doesn’t mean they’re all excellent. In fact, there are radical differences between different hair wig products, and not all of them are of premium quality. This all boils down to certain factors such as manufacturing, production, chemical processing, and human hair quality that can transform your natural hair wig into a convoluted unnatural mess. 

Nobody wants that kind of hair wig because we’ve all witnessed how a fantastic natural hair wig can affect a woman’s self-esteem and sense of identity. A natural hair wig should always aim for extravagance and put the wearer in high spirits, so much so that she may never want to remove her hair wig ever again. That statement may be stretching it, but that’s the kind of quality we’re always aiming for in Chavie Russell Wigs. 

Believe it or not, all this talk of natural human hair wigs will always lead to that one essential question: how do I find the right wig? Nothing is ever easy, and that means scouring the ends of the digital world just to get that Goldilocks moment and find the perfect one just for you. So, how do we weed out the bad ones from the good ones, you might ask? Well, that depends on your due diligence, and if you know what you’re getting and you recognize the true value of vetting the market for premium quality human hair wigs, then you’re on the right track with us. 

This begs now another question: should I choose Remy or go for the coveted Virgin Hair Wig?

Why Choose Chavie Virgin Human Hair Wig? 

If you know what you like and you’ve done your research, you probably know by now the difference between Remy Hair and Virgin Hair. But to get you up to speed on their differences, allow me to indulge you with a little bit of hair knowledge.

  • Virgin Hair Wig is 100% European human hair (which is hard to get by nowadays) that has not undergone any chemical processes, keeping its cuticle intact and preserving its natural appearance. 
  • Remy Hair Wig is a type of natural hair wig with its cuticle fixed in a particular direction and is made from 100% human hair that’s either treated or dyed. 

Now that you’re up to speed, it’s pretty obvious which one you should choose, and it always looks more natural. 

The Chavie Russell line of virgin human hair wigs is guaranteed 100% European human hair that we sort according to hair type, such as thick, thin, fine, straight, and curly. It comes in any size, base, and color, including the highlights and lowlights, making this product truly personalized for your needs. 

Mind you, it’s easy for other brands to advertise human hair as virgin or Remy without proof of quality, which means you can’t base it on price alone since manufacturers can just tag it at any price they want. So how can you be sure with us? The best way is to check our brand and see what others say about our human hair wig collections. Why don’t you come to our physical store and try them on? When wearing it over your head, you can immediately tell if a wig is of premium quality once you get a feel for it. Whether you’re choosing to wear it for hair loss problems or just to spruce up your hairstyle, the Virgin Hair Wig Collection will put you a cut above the rest. 

Chavie Virgin Hair Wig for Alopecia

Alopecia shouldn’t be a hindrance when expressing your individuality. This is why we tailor-made this wig line for women suffering from alopecia to give them that all-natural look without the chemical processes that other human hair wigs undergo. This means it’s safer and more comfortable for your scalp. Purchase the virgin hair wig in any size, color, and style you want to boost your self-esteem while you flaunt your natural beauty. 

Chavie Virgin Hair Wig for Chemotherapy 

Even in dire circumstances, feeling good about yourself can empower your well-being and bring you closer to healing. The virgin wig line empowers you and gives you that glowing natural look as if your hair was never gone. That’s because it’s 100% natural without using toxic chemicals during manufacturing. It’s guaranteed to be stylish without compromising safety and health. Get the virgin hair wig in any style, color, or size. 

Chavie Virgin Hair Wig for Vanity 

Glam up your style while protecting your natural hair with the Chavie virgin wig line, specially made for the glamorous you. Everything screams natural with this wig line, from the base, color, locks, and style, especially when you start wearing it over your head. This is a perfect fit for blondes who wish curly locks since it’s hard to come by curly processed blonde hair. Get that curly look and more since there’s less processing done to the hair before it’s made into a wig.