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Houston Lace Front Wigs & More

Our Houston clients know that variety and originality are the essences of our brand. We want women to stand out and stand strong in a sea of normality. Because confidence is drawn from the fact that being unique should be something our clients embrace and nurture.


    Houston is a city steeped in history and progress. Chic and style-savvy, yet modern and classic, Chavie Russell Wigs is invigorated by the new and old. We draw inspiration from our history and know that some hairstyles are endless in their designs and stand the test of time. At the same time, we draw inspiration from progress and recognize that to modify means to create something new and never before seen, leading to trailblazing hairstyles that break the mold.  Chavie Russell Wigs marries innovation with tradition to create something original.

    At Chavie Russell Wigs, we help you embrace your individuality with the plethora of styles and designs for your hair wigs at the tip of your fingers. Your custom hair wig creations, which we help conceptualize and bring into fruition, will help you become your best self. 


    Embolden Yourself with
    Chavie Russell Wigs

    Chavie Russell Wigs prides itself in real-looking wigs indistinguishable from natural human hair.
    We want to embolden you and steer your lives towards more incredible things
    with all the confidence you can muster.