Chavie wearing blonde brown mix highlighted ponytail wig from Chavie Russell WIgs
Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE
Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE
Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE
Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE
Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE
Platinum Blonde Pony Wig
Natural Blonde Pony Wig - Chavie Wigs
Beige Blonde Pony Wig - Chavie Wigs
Ash Blonde Pony WIg - Chavie Wigs
Blonde Brown Mix Pony Wig - Chavie Wigs
Vanilla Mocha Pony Wig - Chavie WIgs
Light Brunette Pony Wig - Chavie Wigs
Ash Brown Ponytail Wig - Chavie Wigs

Pony Wig | Human Hair Lace Top Wig | CHAVIE

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Pony wigs are fun and becoming more popular amongst fashion bloggers across the world. This uniquely designed ponytail wig is made so that it can easily be put into a pony or up in a bun. Like all of our wigs, Pony Wig is made from completely natural human hair. This Lace Front beauty is a perfect fit for anyone struggling with hair loss for the first time. It has such a beautiful, natural look that no one would even imagine it's a wig! Pony wig is loved by cancer patients in search of hair loss solutions as well as those struggling with hair loss due to alopecia. Our vanity wig wearers love this design since you can literally throw on your pony.


"If you treat your wig like hair, it will be hair" -- Chavie

Chavie Russell Wigs in her Wig Salon

Chavie Russell Wigs

Meet Our Founder

Chavie has combined her artistic nature and love for beauty and fashion together in order to help women from all walks of life restore the confidence they deserve. Her expertise in perfect hairlines and hair coloring techniques have differentiated Chavie from the masses. Hand painted highlights along with a keen eye for colors schemes and shades make Chavie Wigs stand out as a natural human hair eminence.

Fashion Matters

Fashion has the ability to make change through personal choice. The clothing and accessories we wear represent a personal choice. Fashion adds variety and allows us to try new things. We have the ability to add color to our lives through our clothing and hair colors and styles.



Wore my wig at chemo today and felt amazing!! Thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️ it’s hard to miss my real hair when this looks so much better!

Gina Lehman

I wanted to share that I got my wig in early March. I’ve worn it almost every single day since then and am still so happy with it! Now I’m going through chemo and get so many compliments on my hair that I feel obligated to tell everyone that it’s a wig! It’s shock and awe every time!

Chrisjana Holmes

So truthfully when I put on any of my Chavi wigs I feel the most beautiful, sexy, the most like myself not just myself but my BEST self it feels the most me that I see on the inside but outside too!

Chana Seff